Better known as "Swag", he is a jet black, 14 year old stallion that stands at almost 16 hands.  He is of excellent temperament and conformation.  He carries several crosses to the influential foundation sire Kyabra Radium Abbey, who was a very successful stallion, both as a competition horse and as a sire of winning horses.  "Swag's" pedigree can be traced back to the 1840's, as being bred in Australia for polo and station work.  These horses are descendants of famous remount horses, or Walers, as they were known 100 years ago.  The Scotts, who bred and educated the stallion, have been breeding Australian Stock Horses for close to 40 years.  There horses have competed with success in events such as led, hacking, working, barrel racing, endurance, camp drafting, polo cross, pony club, hunting and even dressage.

Stockman's Swagman is the first registered Australian Stock Horse stallion to gain approval by the board of the Australian Stock Horse Society for export to the United States.

Owner Kip Gates, was an overseas competitor in three of the Man From Snowy River Bush Festivals held in Australia.  He was so impressed with the Australian Stock Horse that he started his own stud in his home country of the Untied States.

Kip feels that crossing the Australian Stock Horse with a Quarter Horse has given these amazing animals more height, endurance, walking ability, great temperament and overall versatility.

The Australian Stock Horse Society has a motto "the breed for every need".